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We offer fully integrated software solution to drive your business growth across a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from retail, small-sized, mid-sized and large-sized companies do business in today's marketplace. 

Retail Sectors
Trading / Wholesale /Contracting

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Typical sales process includes processes like Sales queries & handling, quotation drafting, accepting sales orders, sales invoices with proper taxation, delivery of material or service, tracking pending sales order . All these sales transactions are managed by sales module.


As name indicates, purchase modules take care of all the processes that are part of procurement of  items or raw materials.  Purchase module consist of functionalities like supplier management, supplier & item linking, preparing purchase orders, tracking the purchase items, preparing GRNs (Good Receipt Notes) & updating stocks & various reports .


Whole inflow & outflow of money/capital is managed by finance module. This module keeps track of all account related transactions like expenditures, Balance  sheet, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements ,payment receipts etc. Financial reporting is easy task from this software. Any Financial data that is required for running business  is available on one click in Finance module.


Inventory module can be used to track the stock of items. Items can be identified by unique serial numbers. Using that unique numbers inventory system can keep track of item and trace its current location in organization. Inventory module includes functionalities like inventory control, master units , stock utilization reporting etc.

HR & Payroll

Human Resource module helps to HR team for efficient management of human resources. HR module helps to manage employee information, track employee records, leaves, vacations etc. One of the important sub module in HR module is Payroll System which helps to manage  salaries, payment repots etc..


Production module is great help for manufacturing industry for delivering product. This module consist of functionalities like production planning, machine scheduling, raw material usage,(Bill of material)preparation, track daily production progress production forecasting & actual production reporting.

Project Accounting

Project accounting is an outstanding feature which can be added for the companies who manage multiple projects. Managing the profitability of each project is always a head ache and this is where the module helps.

Report Engine & Tools

The software has powerful engine to make your life easy in reporting.  All reports can be accessed from report engine and so easy to add-on report as per your requirement. Software also provide brilliant tools which are useful in daily activities.


Software is so flexible to handle most of the standard customization by the customer itself. They can add flexi-fields, hide data in any fields (eg: do not display cost for certain users) and much more......

For small sized companies

SELNOR software suite is the right option to cater all the needs of small sized companies with sales, inventory, purchase & accounting modules.

For mid-sized to large companies

SELNOR SRP is a full-fledged integrated software which includes all modules, suitable for mid-sized to large-sized companies. It can be configured easily to meet your expectations.

Customized Solution

SENOR software can also be customized as per client need to any level as an alternative option. Software is designed in such a way, customization is possible with less efforts.

Visual Analytic

Install our Visual Analytic software to create dashboard, generated from your big data inside your integrated software, helps your process of decision making.

SELNOR is a brilliant software with unimaginary features which other software do not have. It is easy to use, flexible and scalable as and when you grow.

- Rob & Kelly

Reason to choose us

Unlike other software, our product is built by understanding the customer needs and designed to customize the product by customer as per his requirement without support from us. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Selling products in multi-units
  • Client can hide any field as part of security
  • All-in-One Report Engine
  • Flexible level of chart of accounts
  • Integration, ease of use & performance
Are you at a point where business is going well, the company’s growing and your market is ready to be conquered? With success comes the need to manage it all! When you feel it’s time to upgrade your information system, you need to ask yourself a question: Should you buy ready-made software or start developing a custom solution to support your company’s growth? 

Other Areas

Data Analytics

With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately – an effort that’s slower and less efficient with more traditional business intelligence solutions.

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Better decision making

With the speed of module and in-memory analytics, combined with the ability to analyze new sources of data, businesses are able to analyze information immediately – and make decisions based on what they’ve learned.

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Why is it important?

High-performance analytics lets you do things you never thought about before because the data volumes were just way too big. For instance, you can get timely insights to make decisions about fleeting opportunities, get precise answers for hard-to-solve problems and uncover new growth opportunities – all while using IT resources more effectively.

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Bagged ERP contract for large sized company in UAE -  April 2017

New SELNOR ERP version 2.0 released in July 2017.

New Enhanced Report Engine added in the software

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